What we’ve been playing – April 2019

Hi there! We’re back with another month of board gaming! This month wasn’t as good as March, sadly, due to deadlines for both of us. Nevertheless, we were still able to squeeze in some games, including new ones.

Above and Below

This beauty came off of our shelves again! We had not played Above and Below since last summer, as we usually end up going for Near and Far, but it was really great to get this to the table again. Especially when it’s been a while, Above and Below is just a little more friendly to pick up than Near and Far. Personally, I also love that this artwork is so vibrant and green. I love plants! It was a lovely bright day when we played this and it was actually the blue sky that made me think of getting out this game.


At the end of March we finally received our copy of Sagrada as a thank you for demoing at a Dutch convention (Spellenspektakel) last year. It was definitely worth the wait! We really understand that Sagrada is often compared with Azul, but still believe that they are different enough to each have earned their spot on our shelf. Sagrada feels extremely replay-able, with the different set-up cards, abilities and scoring conditions. I am sure that this game will remain in our collection for a long time to come, and that it will also do well with both of our parents. This usually means that we will get to play it a lot, also at higher player counts!


We. Love. Sprawlopolis. This game fits in your purse and is a real challenge every time! It’s great for when you’re on the road and want to play something while having a cup of tea. It even fits in my small purse and the protective cover makes sure that the cards are safely stored when you’re out and about. It plays rather quickly too, so it’s a great game to play while waiting for lunch, trains or the rain to stop. The world needs more games like these!

Dice Hospital

Seeing announcements of the Dice Hospital expansion inspired us to play this still new-to-our-shelves game last month! Marijn was also feeling a bit under the weather and we thought this light dice rolling game might help. We took good care of our patients and had a great time!

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